Consultant Energy Procurement Specialists, Analysts and Engineers, who have been helping companies save on utility costs for over 25 years. Wholesale Power UK have many decades of experience amongst senior staff across a wide variety of disciplines and industry experts.

Our senior management team comprises:


A Chartered Engineer with extensive experience across the board Steven offers WPUK Clients an in depth range of service options gained over the last 30 years. As Director in charge of Head Office Operations, Steven heads the Operations & Trading Teams ensuring the delivery of positive and beneficial results for Clients. To provide integrated energy solutions for WPUK Clients Steven draws upon his past experiences as a Senior Engineering Consultant with a major UK Consultancy, his development of BEMS systems with an international software control Company and his role as Energy Manager for a Multi-National Retail Food Group.


Since deregulation and the introduction of a competitive market the application of contracts for businesses has become a specialist area. With well over 25 years experience behind him, Jed provides the breadth of knowledge required to manage WPUK Client options through the minefield of regulations. Trading directly in the Wholesale Electricity & Gas Markets Jed takes the management of contracts from registration and price options through to contract placement, providing a valuable service for WPUK Clients giving them the confidence that their budgets are exceptionally well managed.


Having worked for over 30 years with a leading UK Consultancy, Peter now enjoys the freedom to develop the Reporting & Management systems that drive our added value options. Peter leads our Data Management Team in the control of accurate Data for Trading or Reporting and generates bespoke Management Reports requested by WPUK Clients. Accurate and up-to-date Data is key to the integrity of information needed by WPUK Clients for Financial Budgets, M&T Targeting or Legislative Compliance Reporting. 


A professional sales and marketing executive with great experience in the energy sector with particular knowledge of utility acquisition. Prior to joining WPUK Management Team, Keith was Commercial Director of UtilityFlow, a business that helps utility companies source new customers.  He also founded, the UK’s leading home moving services platform that works with the Big 6 suppliers to acquire new customers. Keith heads up the UK Sales & Marketing team and works closely with the Operations Team to compile strategies for providing Clients with professional, integrated energy solutions.  In the field, Keith’s focus is on determining Clients individual requirements for Contract Procurement, Data Management, Risk Management, Legislation Compliance and Energy Efficiency, and then providing a solution that will release the Client to address their core business needs, in the knowledge that their energy portfolio is being effectively and professionally managed.


Our Business Support Team are clearly on top of the various issues, with over 130 years of experience managing £multi-million portfolios for major blue chip organisations, we are confident in our assertion that there is no other Energy Consultancy that offers such a competent front line team.

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