As a Commodity, energy is affected by a variety of events and many Companies are unaware of the risks now being taken by limiting purchasing options to out-dated Standard Retail Methodologies.

Most Companies:

  • Look at general rather than specific price levels
  • Only considering options periodically as workload or the office calendar dictates
  • Confuse an Offer Acceptance as a binding fixed priced contract

End pricing for all companies is the result of Power Trading in the Wholesale Energy Markets.

This in turn provides significant opportunities for savings by managing the Market volatility, eliminating high end Commodity Prices and taking advantage of Market lows.

Over 90% of contract cost is already FIXED prior to the day of Tender in the Retail Market.

Take control of your contract decisions with Wholesale Energy Procurement.

Timing of Market entry is the key to successful energy procurement, irrespective of the type of contract adopted.

At Wholesale Power we:

  • Monitor Wholesale Markets throughout each Trading Day
  • Establish and analyse trends to identify opportunities
  • Track anticipated seasonal weather patterns
  • Consider the geo-political map
  • Include issues of power generation going forward
  • Pre-qualify supplies for Contract acceptance.

We are ready to take advantage of price options at the push of a button - Are you?

Over the last SIX YEARS our average Wholesale Portfolio Prices have out-performed Standard Retail Methodologies by over 15%.

Secure your future budgets with Wholesale Power UK Limited and increase your bottom line profits with reduced costs.

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