Having accurate, detailed and complete data is the cornerstone of any procurement service and at Wholesale Power UK we aspire to maintaining the highest quality of data management, as this forms the basis of all our service activities. By already having this data in our systems, the management and analysis of the data is then the logical next step, providing valuable information to reduce operational costs and emissions, and benchmark performance.

The Wholesale Power UK product offering for procurement includes the Standard Data Management Option and our Operations Team will:

  • Visit the Main Site to determine current efficiency levels
  • Analyse the half-hourly data to establish options for consideration
  • Identify inefficiencies that offer financial savings
  • Produce an interim report to suggest saving options

Such benefits available to Clients can offer double digit percentage savings going forward should action be taken to eliminate waste. Such opportunities are generally driven by changing procedures or behaviour at limited or no cost and therefore offer immediate financial return.

For some customers our Advanced Data Management Option would be beneficial, offering analysis and support over and above the standard reporting model.

Our services include:

  • Monthly Analysis and Reporting
  • Targeted usage
  • On-site meetings
  • Support and advice on Efficiency Projects
  • Site Management Training

As an extension to your current Management Team, we add value to your current competence and assist you to drive down costs. Many of our Clients have benefited from this approach and savings of 20%+ have been identified on significant manufacturing sites across the UK and Ireland.

For more information contact 01524 590000 Option 1 or email info@wholesalepower.co.uk